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Quick Guide of How To Play Aviator:

  1. Place a bet between 0.2 – 1,000 EUR
  2. Wait for the multiplier to reach your desired X
  3. Be quick enough to Cash out before it flies away!

You Can Try out Spribe JetX Demo Version to master the game before playing it on real money!

Detailed Rules and Playing Options of Spribe Aviator on Casinozer

The first step into playing Aviator is to sign up on Casinozer and make your first deposit! The game can be played on Demo Version without any charge, however Demo version doesn’t pay you winnings, therefore, in order to enjoy generating funds from playing, you should play it for real money! For that, you will need to Sign up on Casinozer, Make your deposit using your Visa / MasterCard or Crypto wallet, and begin to play!

The game menu is nothing that you won’t familiarize by just looking at it. It offers two simultaneous bets to be placed for one game round, as well as Auto Cashout / Auto Bet option. The Auto Cashout is a nice feature if you like securing your one bet with another by cashing out on low multiplier.

You can also enjoy the Live In-game chat and also keep a track on Current bets placed on the current game round, as well as multiplier bet history to do your estimations!

Casinozer is famous for its special Crash-Game by Spribe – Aviator!

You may have played different Crash Games on Different online casinos! They are available for any taste! Maybe Dino from MyStake, JetX from Cbet, Crash from Stake… Each online casino has its unique one – but the Aviator is truly the leader among all!

Other Casinozer Special Mini Games

Casinozer Mines

Casinozer Mines is the most played mini-game worldwide. The game is extremely popular on Tiktok! It has many variations on different websites. Such as –MyStake’s Chicken, Stake’s Mines, Casinozer’s Game of Dog, Bayraktar – All have the same logic, but a different game design! The RTP of such mini games are up to 99%, which means you really have a high chance of winning!

Why Play Casinozer Mines among all the others?

Mines on Casinozer have the highest-possible RTP of 99%! In addition to that benefit, the game is offered from the most reliable game provider – Spribe – which ensures that the game will always be played without issues, bugs or delays!

How To Play Casinozer Mines?

  1. Create Your Account on Casinozer
  2. Make your first deposit
  3. Open the game from Games > Minigames > Mines
  4. Adjust the selection of number of bombs on the grid
  5. Click Bet and start guessing the empty boxes
  6. Cash Out when you’d like to

Playing Casinozer Mines is that simple! You can try the Demo version of the game on the website if you’d like to test your skills before you start.

Casinozer Goal

Casinozer Goal is another game which has many alternatives or competitors, but still stays as the leading game among all gamblers worldwide. The logic of Casinozer Goal is just the same as MyStake’s Icefield game (Yeti Game), where you choose the random piece on the grid to guess if it’s an ice crack / bomb or an empty space where you can land. The Goal by Casinozer is also popular on Tiktok, Instagram and other Social Network and has multiple million views! You might want to take your turn to play it, so here’s how:

How to Play Cazinozer Goal?

  1. Sign up on Casinozer
  2. Deposit real money on your account
  3. Open the game from Games > minigames > Goal
  4. Adjust the bet size / Field size
  5. Click Bet to start playing / guessing the empty fields
  6. Cash Out whenever you’d like to

Jeu Du Chien – Casinozer Special Mini Game

Jeu Du Chien was developed specially to overtake the famous “Chicken Game”, also known as “Jeu Du Poulet” on the gambling market! The similarity between these 2 famous games are not only in their names! They have the exact same logic, RTP, and alike designs where Bone is the “bad character” of the game which you should avoid. It is also similar to the famous “mines game”, but in difference, this game is more interactive and fun to play! Both Jeu de Chicken and Jeu De Chien have taken over Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube! They are extremely fun to play and a real challenge for you and your friends!

Are Chicken and Jeu du Chien the same?

The short answer is No. You may have thought it because the game design, logic and design look similar, but they have been developed by different game providers, and are available on different casinos! So it’s up to you to make a choice between those two!

How to play Jeu Du Chien?

  1. Sign Up On Casinozer
  2. Make your first deposit
  3. Open the game from Games > minigames > Jeu Du chien
  4. Adjust The Bet Size / Bones selection
  5. Click Bet to start Playing / guessing the empty fields
  6. Cash out Whenever you’d like to.

Before you start playing on real money, don’t forget to test the game on Demo mode in order to get familiarized with game specifics! And if you want to be one of the influencers promoting Jeu du Chien or Chicken game, don’t forget to become Affiliate to earn income by doing so!

Casinozer Crash X

Even though Casinozer is famous for its Aviator, there is still an alternative to it. Even Mines has its alternative – The Jeu du Chien. And Aviator is not exception! Crash X is the worthy “colleague” crash game available on Casinozer. The Crash X game is developed by InHouse Games. In difference from Aviator, Dino, JetX or other crash games, Crash X has more simple design, smooth colors, and interesting menu.

There are additional features in Crash X’s menu. The most remarkable one is that you can track your game history with user-friendly gauges. It displays useful information such as: Total flights, Maximum multiplier achieved, Total playing hours, and average multiplier. This information helps you to challenge yourself, and also analyze your gameplay to make the maximum possible outcome.

Within the gameplay, you earn special ranks. The ranks don’t have any in-game or real-money value, but has you motivated to achieve more and more to display in the current bet tab as an Army General!

How To Play Crash X on Casinozer?

  1. Sign up on Casinozer
  2. Deposit your funds
  3. Open the game from Games > Minigames > Crash X
  4. Choose the bet size, auto cash-out multiplier and start betting
  5. Cash out when it’s time! Be quick enough

Playing Crash X on Casinozer is as simple as other crash games – and in addition it’s joyful, has a great user interface, and useful tools to assist you on the way

Casinozer Hamsta

We spoke about Casinozer’s games which have plenty of analogues on different casino brands, but let’s talk about the one which is unique. Hamsta is an unique Spribe mini game which is exclusively available on Casinozer. The game logic, gameplay, design, and game character is absolutely unique, which you will not see on any other game! This is the main reason of its popularity among the world! The idea of the minigame is to help the little hamster dig the earth surface, where it will find costly gifts on its way! The objection is to avoid nuclear atoms which will cause you to  lose the round! Are you brave enough?  Help the little hamsta on its way! Make correct choices and Cash Out your profit!

Game modes on Hamsta – How to Play?

Casinozer Hamsta has 5 Game modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme and Nightmare! These game modes represent the game difficulty. The more difficult the game is, the higher multiplier you get for a successful game round! So let’s get into details and explain each game mode in more details

  1. Easy game mode: Dead City
    In this game mode, the probability of losing Is very low. Only 1 out of 4 tiles contain radioactive element, therefore the win probability is ¾. Of course, the multiplier is also low: The lowest multiplier (the first layer) is 1.29x while the highest multiplier on the 9th layer is x10.12!
  2. Medium Difficulty mode: Wasteland

    While you play Hamsta on Medium difficulty, there are only 3 pieces of ground per layer, and one out of 3 blocks are nuclear, which means that win probability is decreased to 2/3. So the multiplier is increased. The minimum multiplier on Medium mode is x1.44 while the highest is x26.62!

  3. Hard Mode: Swamp

    In this game mode things get really hard! There are only 2 blocks, where one of them is nuclear, which decreases your win chances to 50/50, so it’s pure luck like playing the roulette on Black / Red! Minimum multiplier on Hard mode is x1.9 while the highest is x322! If you get luck on this mode, you can make really good amount of money!

  4. Extreme Difficulty Mode: Graveyard

    On Graveyard you get back to 3 blocks, but in this case, 2 out of 3 blocks are nuclear, which means that your win probability is 1/3. There are only 6 layers on this game mode, where the lowest multiplier is x2.85 and the highest is x535! Can you imagine betting 10 EUR and winning 5350 EUR?

  5. Nightmare: Z-Day

    Z-Day is the hardest possible game mode on Hamsta game! There are 3 blocks on each layer, where 3 out of 4 blocks are nuclear, so your win probability is decreased to ¼. Therefore your multiplier is the highest! There are 6 layers with progressive multipliers where the lowest one is x3.80 while the highest possible multiplier is x3010! Duh! Will I really win 3000 EUR by betting 1 EUR? True, you can!

    Therefore, Hamsta is the game which allows you to win from x1.29 to x3010.94 depending on how risky you are! Your choices determine your success in this game! Challenge yourself and enjoy the bounty!

Casinozer Sports / Esports

Enjoy Wide variety of Sporting events on Casinozer Bookmaker! No matter which sport you favor, you will find its betting option! Football? Basketball? Or maybe 2K Games? You will definitely find your favorite on Casinozer! If you’re not really into sports, then you can try virtual sports – which work with the logic of casino games – The win chance of the team is based on computer-generated RTP, and the whole football match lasts only for 2 minutes! Place your random bet and get to know the match results in couple of minutes! No betting knowledge required!

Casinozer also offers wide variety of E-sport events. Are you a follower of a YouTuber who participates in professional E-sporting matches and you want to bet in favor of them? You can do that on Casinozer! Are you a professional player and know the insights of e-sporting events? Casinozer is the place for you! Place bets on various online events such as: Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Call of Duty, Rocket League, FIFA, 2k Games and many more.

Casinozer bookmaker requires no further explanation! It’s just an industry leader bookmaker with the highest possible odds.

Casino / Live Casino

Casinozer has a wide variety of the best Slot providers available on its platform. Let’s all agree that Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Play’n GO are the top 3 casino game providers. All 3 from the above list are available on Casinozer with their official versions!

Is it Legal To Play Pragmatic, NetEnt and Play’n GO from my country?

When it comes to the legality of gambling, you should consider gambling law of your country of residence. Certain game providers, slots and types of gambling may be illegal to be provided in your country, but in other countries it may be fully legal. Since Casinozer accepts player from around the world, all of the slots and live casino games are displayed in your casino dashboard. But that doesn’t mean that you can play each of them. Casinos, including Casinozer uses Geo IP tracker in order to determine which country you are using Casinozer services from. It means that, if you’re browsing from France, you might be unable to open and bet on slot X, but if you’re browsing from Belgium, you will be able to enjoy all kind of slots. For these cases, VPN is always the solution! You can use VPN in order to play any kind of slot on Casinozer. Choose the IP of a country which doesn’t disallow your favorite slot game, and enjoy playing the game without limits! Casinozer is 100% VPN friendly, and you won’t face any kind of punishment for doing so! So the short answer is yes – Any kind of slot is playable from your home country!

Casinozer Affiliate

You might have seen plenty of online, social network content regarding Casinozer’s products such as Mini Games: Crash X, Hamsta, Goal, Plinko, Mines, Aviator, Jeu du Chien, Neko… In fact, all of those accounts are owned and managed by Casinozer Affiliates! Ever wondered how to become one of them? Easy! It just takes 2 minutes to fill the form, provide information about your social media capabilities and that’s it! 

Benefits of being Casinozer Affiliate are huge:

1) Flexible and competitive payments

By being an affiliate, you earn as much as you accumulate! We will explain further how Revenue Share, CPA and Hybrid models of affiliation work. But your monthly income by partnering with Casinozer might be in the range of $100 – $100,000 per month, depending on your activity, quality of your content and number of your subscriber community.

2) Dedicated affiliate manager

Are you a newbie in this business? Need an assistance on your way? Don’t worry, an affiliate manager will be with you to assist you, teach you, pay you and be with you whenever you need anything! Casinozer Affiliate Manager will be in touch with you using the most flexible platform for you! Skype / Discord / WhatsApp / Telegram is perfect for iGaming business talk! No formality, no emails! Just a friendly talk!

3) Retention

Working on Revenue Share model is the best choice with Casinozer! As it has an availability of CRM and VIP teams, you can just chill and be sure that the players you referred to the site will always be active, and your monthly income will grow as your number of players will grow!

How commission works for Casinozer Affiliates?

In affiliate business, in general, there are 3 common commission plans through which affiliates earn money! Casinozer offers all 3 of them with the most flexible rates! Let’s dive deep into the casino affiliation world and explain how each of them work:

1) CPA – Cost Per Action

With CPA model, you earn commission for the first deposit of the player (FTD). You deal the minimum expected first deposit amount with your affiliate manager, and get paid the dealt amount as soon as player makes his first deposit. Short example: As soon as an user signs up from your link and makes his first deposit above dealt baseline, you’ll get a CPA of dealt amount!

2) Revenue Share

Rev-share model is one of the most beneficial partnership model for affiliates. It’s basically the profit sharing between casino and an affiliate. On the affiliate market, an average revenue-share assigned to an affiliate is 40%. What this means is that: Per 100 EUR casino profit you get 40 EUR.

Casino Profit is calculated with the formula of NGR ( Net Gaming Revenue ) = Bet – Win – Bonus Amount – Admin Fee

3) Hybrid

Hybrid Model is simply the joint version of Revenue Share and CPA. But of course, since there are both options, the rates are lower, For example, if the maximum raw revenue share is 50%, with hybrid model the Rve-share might be 30% alongside with 70 EUR CPA.

In conclusion, casinozer affiliate is one of the most flexible way to earn income being an influencer, working from your home on your preferred schedule.

Casinozer Alternatives / Mirrors

All the online casinos have the struggle on regulated market. Strict limitations combat many casinos worldwide. That’s why famous casinos such as Cbet, Stake and MyStake have lost their place on French market. But there’s still a solution! Do not worry!

Casinozer mirror websites allow you to access website from any country!

Every online casino has its mirror websites, which means that the Domain block doesn’t appeal on all of the websites. For example, if you’re unable to connect Casinozer.com from your country, there will be casinozzer.net or other similar website with the same website data. You can always search for Mirror Websites below!

Access from everywhere

The Official
mirror List

Try one of these mirror sites below
Website Status Speed
cazinozzer.com Very Fast Visit Now
cazinozzer.io Very Fast Visit Now

Still unable to connect? Download Casinozer App for ios and Android for a maximum pleasure without VPN or any restrictions!

Casinozer App Download

Casinozer App has been developed specially to allow you to enjoy the full experience of Casinozer from any country, with greater User Experience, more comfortable menu and most importantly – adaptive mobile versions for your favorite games!

The main utility of the Casinozer APP is that: You can access it from any country! No ANJ, Gamstop, AAMS or other limitations on Casinozzer App! Play it non-stop.